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File Preparation tips # 2 for display prints (back to file prep 1)

The vast majority of files we receive are built correctly and ready to run. Those that are not typically have the same issues:

- DID NOT select all text and convert to outline

- Failed to embed color profile

- DID NOT package, then zip or stuff entire package

- low res images used inadequate for size of print desired

Because failing to include a color profile is the most common problem, we have some screen shots here to help you:

1. select a color management system for print. For example, to select the North American Prepress Defaults setting , do the following in InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop:

  • Choose Edit > Color Settings to open the Color Settings dialog box (if you use Photoshop in Mac OS X, choose
    Photoshop > Color Settings).

Choose U.S. Prepress Defaults from the Settings pop-up menu.

  • Select Enable Color Management (InDesign only).
  • This is a screenshot of standard color profile in Photoshop CS. The screenshot shows the user is working in RGB. If your ENTIRE file is in CMYK, then leave it. Whatever you submit, please send all RGB or all CMYK, but not a mix. (RGB is preferred.)

When your file is ready in photoshop, save, then choose TIFF and LZW compress


this is a screenshot of SAVE AS in Photoshop CS. Don't forget to check EMBED COLOR PROFILE

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